Pancake Stepper Motor Nema17 Lightweight with 1m Cable 23mm 1.8 Degree for 3D Printer BMG extruder upgrade

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Note: Only use it on BMG or Titan Extruder. It’s not direct swap for the bowden setup and it may not have enough torque to spin the standard extruder or dual gear extruder.

This is Lightweight stepper motor with 1.8 deg. Each phase draws 1.0A ,allowing for a holding torque of
100cm wire, one connect electrical machine, on the other end has variety optional ports.
It’s excellent for the RepRap Prusa, Mendel 90, Rostock and,similar 3D printers, as well as CNC and robotics applications.
The motor is supplied with a 1 metre long power cable with a 4-pin Harwin female connector already fitted – ready to plug and print!

Size: 42x42x23mm
Step Angle: 1.8 degree
Rated Current/phase: 1.0A
Holding Torque: 130mN.m
Braking Torque: 20mN.m
Rotor Inertia: 30.8g.cm²
Weight: 132g

Package List:
-Pancake Stepper Motor with 1 meter cable

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    Seller sangat terbaik!!!!

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    the motor have no branding… hope it works well.

  6. hybridv

    Well packed and received in good condition.

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