Vacuum Bag Kit for Filament 3D Printer Prevent PETG Hygroscopic PLA Brittle Stringing

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Did you know that PETG is very hygroscopic which mean it will absorb moisture from the air when not in use? It may cause your filament to wear out within a week. You have to dry it again so the popping sound and stringing will be gone. same goes to PLA especially the tropical weather every year in Malaysia.

Vacuum pack is to protect unused filament from getting spoiled.

filament vacuum bag
features: tight air holes
size: 300*340MM

suction hand pump
dimensions: 140*30MM
weight: about 48.5g
style: pull-out
material: pp new material
features: tight holes

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  1. a*****l

    [Variation: Vacuum Kit Set]

  2. urbanline

    [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

  3. daneskumar99

    [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

  4. meoramiruddin

    Terbaik [Variation: Vacuum Kit Set]

  5. meoramiruddin

    Terbaik [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

  6. aizat_rabbani

    [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

  7. ibrahimsoid

    [Variation: Vacuum Kit Set]

  8. ibrahimsoid

    [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

  9. sheung92

    [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

  10. yusaini.razak

    [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

  11. fendiefnn

    [Variation: Vacuum Kit Set]

  12. fendiefnn

    [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

  13. nccchin

    Arrived in good time and good condition. Great value for money and most cost effective way to keep your filament dry. [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

  14. haziq_zin

    [Variation: Vacuum Kit Set]

  15. haziq_zin

    [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

  16. mastasanuh

    Recommended Seller. Good quality product. [Variation: Vacuum Kit Set]

  17. mastasanuh

    Recommended Seller. Good quality product. [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

  18. lingyew

    Fast shipping. The bags looks ok. The valve is not the usual valve you see on other vacuum bag for clothes. Hope it will work ok. [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

  19. llf83

    Great service from seller. Thank u!! [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

  20. dconnexions

    [Variation: VacuumSealBag Only]

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