Silica Gel Pack Reusable Color Indicating Rechargeable Desiccant For Filament Drybox PLA ABS PETG

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Keeping the 3D Printer filament dry is very important, some material such as PETG absorb moisture very readily and Malaysia is in a very damp climate. It takes some management to keep the filament dry enough to be useful.

This color indicator makes it easy to see what condition is the in the storage cabinet is in, making it easier to see if your filament is in high moisture or low.

To reuse the silica gel:
– Place it under the sun for about 3 hours, it will turn back into orange.
– Place the package inside the oven, and heat it up in between 80~100c, try to check ever 3~5 minutes if it turns back into orange.

Note: The moisture absorption of the beads is weaken every cycle. After a few cycles it will loose it’s absorption.

This item is not edible. Please keep out of children’s reach.

Color: Orange
Size: 50g

Package Includes:
1 x Silica Gel Pack (50g)

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