Creality Laser Engraver Module Kit for Ender 3/5/6 CR10 Series 12/24V 3D Printer 500mW

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A particularly popular upgrade for the Ender 3 is a laser module. This allows you to engrave different materials like wood, metal, acrylic and many more. Depending on the individual performance it is also possible that wood and acrylic can even be cut.

This laser modules does not require any firmware upgrade as all you need to do is just use Creality workshop to generate the gcode and just run it normally.

Installation * Setup Link:

This laser module has three strong disc magnets. It’s directly compatible for 3D printers that have iron nozzle cover, like Ender 3,/3 Pro, Ender 5/5 Pro, Ender 6, etc. For Machine without iron nozzle you can refer to thingiverse for more info.

For example Ender 3 V2 someone already created an adapter for it (may collide with bltouch):

Creality’s laser kit is only for engraving due to its 500-mW laser.
Wavelength: 405NM
Power: 500 mW
Voltage: 12-24 V (DC) (use buck converter adapter)
Working current: 2,100 mA

– Laser is dangerous, it may damage your eyesight or kids when not handled properly.
– Wear eye protection all the time.
– Laser engraving can cause smoke and smell, don’t put somewhere near that’s flamable.

What’s include:
Laser Engraving Kits by Creality x 1

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