E3D V6 Compatible 24V All metal Hotend Wade or Bowden Extruder Heater Thermistor Fan Heat sink for 1.75 3D Printer

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*Nozzle: brass nozzle,0.4mm diameter.
*Heat tube:24V 40W,length 1 meter
*Thermistor:100K NTC B 3950 1% ,length 1 meter
*Cooling fan:24V

Reviews (18)


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  1. yu_hakim

    [Variation: Direct & Bowden]

  2. muhamadsyamsulnaimnoorazmi

    [Variation: Direct & Bowden]

  3. khaleed2021

    [Variation: Direct & Bowden]

  4. khalil79

    [Variation: Direct & Bowden]

  5. draxecu

    nice item but it came without the sock… that made me have to further wait for ordering the item. [Variation: Direct & Bowden]

  6. ahmadsoupian

    [Variation: Direct & Bowden]

  7. popdisplaystore

    [Variation: Direct & Bowden]

  8. matdawam

    [Variation: Bowden]

  9. yimingsters

    [Variation: Bowden]

  10. shelajay

    [Variation: Bowden]

  11. hojinyong

    [Variation: Bowden]

  12. studlolox

    Quality terbaik walaupon bukan original. All metal hotend. Boleh terus pakai tak ada masalah clog walaupon print PLA. Combinasi terbaik dengan BMG extruder [Variation: Bowden]

  13. andriarshad73

    [Variation: Bowden]

  14. nicholascjs

    [Variation: Direct Drive]

  15. ma27hahaha

    Change from stock to e3d v6 all metal hotend. After a several try and error, I finally able to successfully get this thing works. The heatsink cooling fan given is suprisingly silent than the stock ender fan. Cheaper than microswiss. This is one of my worth upgarde. [Variation: Bowden]

  16. lawin1207

    Super Fast Delivery + free super ring😀 [Variation: Bowden]

  17. faiz_bigboy

    Very Fast shipping…got free super ring inside.. now i can print abs with this hot end. [Variation: Direct Drive]

  18. newjohnnylai

    [Variation: Direct Drive]

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