SUNON 4020 2PIN 12/24V Heatsink Fan Super Silence Series for 3D Printer Heatsink Mod Upgrade

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Noctua may be a little expensive, but SUNON is here to save your day! Less Noise for a Less Price

The fan uses Maglev bearings:

For 12V, a buck converter is required for 24V printer.

Model MB40201V2-000C-A99 (12V) / MF40202V2-1000C-A99 (24V)
Size 40*40*20MM
Bearing VAPO (magnetic levitation)
Voltage 12V
Power 0.6W
Speed 6000RPM
Noise 21 DB (A)
Air volume 7.7 CFM
Wind pressure 0.16 Inch-H2O

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  1. haozhengtan

    [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  2. white_lighter0

    [Variation: 12V (HX2.54)]

  3. angeemeng

    [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  4. g*****n

    [Variation: 12V (HX2.54)]

  5. xlyyster

    Good and quiet replacement fans for noisy stock fans. Provide good cooling to prints aswell can increase bridging and overhang angles. Seller helpful and support express delivery. Will buy more soon 👍. [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  6. bhc2020

    [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  7. eohl79

    [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  8. kheng696

    很快就寄到…..东西跟我要的一模样…已经装上…正常操作 [Variation: 12V (HX2.54)]

  9. damnville

    Very satisfied, much silent than stock fans…!!! [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  10. sean.y

    [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  11. shelgeek

    Item arrived fast and good. Packaging was good, simple and effective. Thanks for the small gift as well. Highly recommended seller. [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  12. akmalznal

    Def quiter [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  13. d*****r

    Not tested yet. Seller shipped extremely fast. Package arrived in very good condition. Will buy again from seller. [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  14. dannypun

    Got free gift 🎁😂 [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  15. draxecu

    as usual, very fast shipping and excellent service by seller. tqvm. [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  16. w*****1

    [Variation: 12V (HX2.54)]

  17. yimingsters

    [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  18. adamsolehin

    As usual,good service and packaging. This time with added snack for convenience while installing this parts onto my printer..🙂 [Variation: 24V (No Connector)]

  19. jlideas

    Excellent as usual 👍

  20. hlmilk1987

    It did lowered my psu noice after first test; thanks seller for giving out buck converter for free of charge

  21. tuanafiqtuananuar

  22. tbstan1695

  23. afiqahnazlah

  24. reydashiro

    Super silent fan!!

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