Creality Sermoon D1 3D Printer Direct Drive Glass Bed Touch Screen

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  • Industrial-grade printing
  • Exquisite appearance
  • Transparent design
  • Dual-Z axis screw
  • Variable voltage power supply
  • Excellent nozzle structure
  • All-metal extrusion
  • Smart sensor
  • Silent mainboard

Transparent design

It is convenient to monitor the printing in all directions with the Creality Sermoon D1. This is thanks to the aluminum alloy frame that has a transparent double-door design.

Double Z-axis screw

Creality Sermoon D1 comes with:

  • Double Z-axis
  • T-type double screw rod
  • V-wheel synchronous component
  • XY synchronous bearing

As a result, higher precision and stability can be achieved during printing.

Quality and silent mainboard

Equipped with a self-developed silent mainboard, this 3D printer operates with low noise.

Smart sensor

With the filament runout sensor,  Creality Sermoon D1 can resume printing anytime. Whether it is the lack of filament or power failure, this device has real-time protection and automatic storage of instructions. In short, it is an intelligent and reliable 3D printer.

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