Creality Ender 7 3D Printer Linear Guide Rail Technology 250mm/s High-speed All-metal Integrated Molding Ender-7

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High-speed printing: Normal printing of Ender-7 can reach 250mm/s, normal printer speed is 50mm/s, and high-speed printing can be enjoyed instantly. Linear guide rail technology is adopted, movement resistance is small,positioning accuracy is high, movement is still stable at high speed, and the printing model is more Exquisite.

Large molten pool nozzle: customized large molten pool nozzle, the volume of the melting chamber is increased to 50mm³, the volume of the heating block is increased to 4000mm³, the consumables are fully melted, and the material can be discharged smoothly during high-speed printing.

Brand guarantee: Official Creality Ender-7 3D Printer all-metal integrated molding design, adopts double-gear extruder, strong occlusion, greater extrusion force, uniform extrusion force, continuous and stable feeding, comprehensive optimization of slicing path, dynamic adjustment Motion, acceleration and deceleration algorithms, effectively guarantee the quality and efficiency of printing and forming.

High-speed cooling fan: The extruder cooling fan is blessed, and the feed is more stable. The dual-fan butterfly wing air duct design increases the overall air volume by 169% compared with the single fan, ensuring rapid cooling of the high-speed printing model.

Core- -XY operating structure: adopts Core-XY structure, dual-motor parallel drive coordinated operation, adopts customized 42-60 high-power stepper motor, faster speed and higher accuracy.


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