Glass Bed 235mm/310mm * 4mm for Creality 3D Ender 3 CR10S Pro 3D Printer

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No Edge Curling – new glass bed, molds could stick on bed firmly without glue, avoiding the issue of print edges curling.
No-indentation Printing – this glass plate has a no logo, avoiding leaving logo indentations on molds surface during 3D printing.
Excellent Flatness – Improved 3D printer tempered glass plate provides more flat and more smooth build surface than magnetic mat or pei sticker, ensuring high flatness for the bottom of model.
Super Convenient – Very easy to take off the model, if it’s harder to take it off, use a small spatula and you will get no damage to your bed; This glass bed could be fixed with middle sized clips and cleaned with alcohol or acetone at room temperature.

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-one glass bed of your choice

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