Creality UW-01 Washing/Curing Machine for LD002H LD Photon Photons SLA Rotary Curing Resin Box

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Everytime after a print, you have to remove the model & do the curing process.
Standard curing process involves:
-Removing the model from the build plate
-Dump it into IPA, rise and wash it for a few minutes
-Take it out and put it around the around the UV light to cure it for another few minutes.

Whole process can be troublesome as you have to move the model here & there, can make your place sticky and harder to clean.

This All in One Machine is designed to make everything easy.

Old setup such tuppeware of IPA for initial wash, an ultrasonic cleaner for a second rinsing, and then a UV leds with rotating display stand. This device replaced all of that so you can have more space to show off your model.

Move your build plate here, and adjust the height of the build plate holder and submerge it into the IPA. Less chance of resin dropping on your floor making it sticky.

Like washing mode, choose 2~90 minute cure time. Once started, an array of UV lights is activated while the curing platform rotates 360 degrees. With Yellow lid, it protect your eye from UV Light.

Control method: Touch button, LED indicator
Power: 96W
Input Voltage: 24V
UV lights: 405nm
Container size: 190*154*200mm
Curing and washing time: 2-90min
Washing size: 170*120*160mm(L*W*H)
Air-drying and curing size: 165*200mm
Machine size: 225*225*370mm
Package size: 298*297*505mm
Weight: 6.5kg

What’s include:
Creality UW-01 Washing/Curing Machine x 1

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