All Metal Hotend Upgrade Kit for Ender 3 Series Print ABS Nylon PC 300C Titanium Heatbreak

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One of the recommended upgrade for Ender 3 Series

-Works well for high (+250ºC) temperatures filaments like nylon or PC.
-No need to replace the PTFE liner.
-Less Heat Creep (Titanium Heatbreak lesser heat transfer)

Note: This upgrade may have to readjust your printing setting & PID Tuning.
For more information:

1. 【CR10heatsink hotend】 Strong and durable, imported aluminum quality, efficient heat transfer
2. 【Suitable for the nozzle:】 MK8 nozzle
3. 【Fit for filament:】 2 * 4MM
4. 【Compatible with:】 100K NTC 3950 thermistors
5. 【Compatible with:】 6 * 20MM heater

Compatible with CR-10/CR-10S Series
Compatible with CR-20/CR-20 PRO
Compatible with Ender2
Compatible with Ender3
Compatible with Ender3 V2
Compatible with Ender3 Max
Compatible with Ender3 PRO
Compatible with TronXY X5S
Compatible with Tevo Tornado
Compatible with Alfawise U20

【Incompatible – Have to change the mounting too】:
CR10S Pro Series

【Recommended slicer setting】:
retraction speed over 80MM/S
retraction length 2.5-4MM

If you are facing PLA clogging problem, please try the followings:
1. Increase the retraction speed. The speed may have being limited in the firmware try to change it. G-command “M203 E200”.
2. Increase the extruder acceleration. Check your firmware settings. G-command “M201 E9000”.
3. Reduce the retraction length. It depends on your machine setup.
4. Increase the nozzle temperature by 5-10 degrees.
5. Do not install the 2 screws for support the heatblcok like the stock hotend on the CR-10 printer.
6. Make sure that there is no gap between the heatsink and the heat breaker.

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